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Pieces of Whimsy gives Fate’s Fables 4 stars!

Another fantastic 4 star (actually four whales) review for Fate’s Fables just blew in from way across the big pond and down under! Check it out at Pieces of Whimsy or read it here:

Four Star review by Pieces of Whimsy:

WhimsyReviewThe start of this book was a little confusing. I could follow the story to a certain point but then I found myself a little lost to what was going on. It wasn’t until Fate entered the first fable that I began to understand what was going on and get a taste of the ride this book was going to take me on!

The story follows Fate, a 17 year old author with a vivid imagination for creating fantastical stories. She is suddenly uprooted from her comfortable life and thrown into a world of stories where her words hold an ultimate power. Trapped with the sexy, Scottish druid, Finn, and slithery companion Sithias, Fate must rewrite eight dark fables if she ever wants to see her world again.

I love the idea of the fables and the ‘Words of Making’. Instead of just living in one story, I got to move through several and it was great to have both a dark and light element playing through the book. There were a lot of fumbles and bumbles, and though the fables got a brighter ending, they didn’t lose their sweet, seductive, dark side.

Fate’s character really grows throughout the book. At the start I was a little worried because there was a lot of text speak and whining in her character, but as she was put through the many tests in the fables, she grew a lot and I really began warming to her. It took a few truths and reality checks for her to let go of her shallowness and learn what life is all about and in the end I really enjoyed her as a character.

This book was magical, fun and really entertaining. The characters were excellent and I very much enjoyed the entertainment that Sithias provided. The fables were lovely and the illustrations/designs of this book were gorgeous! A lot of imagination was in this book, both from the author and the characters, and I could find myself connecting with the characters on many levels, even though it’s fantasy and I obviously haven’t been in similar predicaments. If you like fantasy I’d recommend this book and if the first few pages leave you feeling a little over-whelmed, don’t give up because things straighten themselves out and this book is definitely worth the read! Really looking forward to the next book!

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