Fate’s Fables sold out at last night’s Chapters book signing!

Wow! I’m pleasantly shocked and super happy that all my books SOLD OUT last night at my FIRST book signing at the Chapters in Richmond!  It was so FUN to get to meet other book lovers and introduce them to Fate’s Fables. Hugs to all my friends and family who came out to the store to see me, and an extra BIG hug to my friend Carolyn Jursa for helping me man the table and promoting me to anyone within shouting distance.

Thanks so much to Andrew Burke and the rest of the amazing staff at Chapters for supporting me and all the other local authors who were there. They provided such a great atmosphere for us to share our work. And for all of you who wanted a book, but couldn’t get one, Chapters in Richmond will have more in store early next week.





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