Is it a sea creature or an alien?


The moment I saw Taiyoung Choi’s painting of what’s actually an alien for some sci-fi fiction books, I thought of the scryer from the Lightning Sword in Fate’s Fables. Here’s a short excerpt from the fable:

Lortaun climbed to the oracle set high in the mountain of Alderath 

to consult the scryer, a magical sea beast whose premonitions

and wise counsel had granted the royal family much good fortune.

The king’s ancestors had captured the creature and forced it to

dwell within the Well of Eyes. For centuries, promises of freedom

were exchanged for its invaluable foresight. As time passed, it was

never a concern how the imprisoned scryer felt about being torn

from the wild, free sea and housed within the confines of the well. A

consideration that would have proved prudent for those further down

the branches of the family tree.

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