Fate’s Keep

~ Sequel to Fate’s Fables ~

Fate’s Keep, Book 2 of Fate’s Journey

This vividly rendered sequel to, Fate’s Fables, reaches new heights with heart-pounding action, compelling new characters, and a romance that strains the bonds of love to the breaking point.



Fate Floyd survived and escaped the deadly fairy tale world of the Book of Fables, but at a terrible cost. The boy of her dreams, Finn McKeen, remains a prisoner of the cursed book. To find her way back to him, she must travel to a new world, where she’ll confront the mysterious Keep, the truth of her heritage and a blood oath that could alter her future forever.

With her heart sworn to saving Finn, and an unbreakable bond to guard the Keep, Fate must dig deep for the strength to protect those she loves. Unimaginable creatures of myth and legend threaten to destroy the Keep, while a slumbering evil awakens within the bowels of the arcane storehouse of magical objects. Fate’s only chance for salvation lies in a series of desperate quests and battles, any one of which may mark the end of everything she holds dear.

Get Fate’s Keep today and journey to the ends of the universe, where magic abounds and portals open to otherworldly realms.

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