Magic Brew

“Magic Brew is …The Warriors with an Urban Fantasy twist….you’re in for quite a treat. The world created here is imaginative and engaging…every single character you meet is a fully-rendered person with their own personality, strengths, weaknesses, and desires.

San Francisco Book Review  ★★★★★

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They call me Edge, and I’m the only supernatural in New York City with Djinn powers. My gang is known as the Forsaken. We’re the throwaways of our kind, despised by purebloods for being mixed breeds. Banishment, rejection and abandonment bind us. Yet our differences are what make us powerful, and close to unstoppable. Until today.

We’ve been double-crossed. The one person we trusted above all others, lured us into a trap set by a gang of warlocks. They’ve crippled my powers and tried to enslave me for the rare magic pumping in my veins. I gave them the slip, but now there’s a price on my head and the road home is blocked by gangs of shifters, witches, vampires, demons and deadly fae. Odds are good we won’t all make it back alive. But you can be damn sure, me and my crew won’t go down without a fight.  Magic Brew: Edge Chronicles (The Novel)

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