War is Coming

Watch for Book Three in the Fate’s Journey Series

Looming war threatens everything Fate holds dear.

FateCropped1Fate’s reunion with Finn, her one true love, has given her the courage she needs to embrace her identity as Keep Guardian and confront the dark forces poised to claim the immense power stored within the Keep. But a deadly game of deceit is playing out behind the scenes, birthing what may be an even greater threat. As war bears down upon Fate and those she loves, her only hope is to break her blood oath as guardian in order to lure the final battle to unexpected realms, where surprising allies are gathering forces.

To get there, Fate must fight. She will fight for her childhood friend, whose formidable warrior skills are under the control of an ancient evil. She will fight for her father and dear friends, each of whom are prepared to die for her. And she will fight for the future she desperately wants with Finn.

Will Fate succeed in keeping her world from shattering, or is she headed for sheer destruction?

100% Complete
174,000 of 174,000 words

Yay! Fate’s War is now in final edits!!

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  • I can hardly wait for “Fate’s War” to come out in november. I really love the series and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • All books I have read an enjoy everyone very one of Fate’s books. Can’t wait until this last one to come out. For awhile I thought there wasn’t another book.

  • Not nearly as young as the readers shown, but fantasy and imagination have no age. Can’t wait for Fate’s War to be released!

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