Fate’s War

FATE’S WAR, the 3rd book in the FATE’S JOURNEY SERIES

Fate’s War will be published and available on Amazon, December 23, 2018!

The cover reveal is coming soon, so make sure you’re the first to see it by joining my Exclusive VIP List* below!

FatesWar Temp CoverFate’s long-awaited reunion with Finn has given her the strength to embrace her role as Keep Guardian and confront the dark forces poised to claim the immense power stored within the Keep. But a deadly game of deceit is playing out behind the scenes, unleashing what may be an even greater threat. As war bears down upon Fate, her only hope is to plot a perilous course that will propel her directly into a firestorm of battles she can’t possibly win.

Fiercely romantic and spellbinding, this adrenaline-laced third installment in the Fate’s Journey series will hold readers riveted as Fate’s story builds to a fever’s pitch that may mark the end of everything she holds dear.


  • I can hardly wait for “Fate’s War” to come out in november. I really love the series and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • All books I have read an enjoy everyone very one of Fate’s books. Can’t wait until this last one to come out. For awhile I thought there wasn’t another book.

  • Not nearly as young as the readers shown, but fantasy and imagination have no age. Can’t wait for Fate’s War to be released!

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