Super hero creator Stan Lee is one of my heroes.

I love Stan Lee’s enthusiasm for all things make-believe. No matter how much of a legend he is, he’s still just a big kid. Here’s what he said to Media Bistro as advice to aspiring children’s book illustrators and writers, “Stay true to your imagination and do everything in your power to keep the child inside you alive. I still live by these rules today, I am still a child at heart … Find your own personal style; your own voice, and explore it, refine it, perfect it. Then perfect it again. And most importantly, never give up. Remember that your artwork is a gift. Your pictures have the power to ignite dreams and inspire countless people.” Now that’s advice we can all benefit from.

His latest project is Stan Lee’s Kid’s Universe, which is launching a whole new series of books, comics and games for kids. They’re sure to put smiles on a lot of kids’ faces, and not just the little ones.

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