Thanks to the Liquid Literaries Book Club for a fun night!


Art by  Jonathan Wolstenholme

A big hug and thank you to my cousin Tracey Green for getting her book club to read Fate’s Fables. I got to meet a great bunch of women and eat some really yummy treats. And it was fun answering questions about the book. Here’s a few of the questions that came up. (WARNING!!! Spoilers ahead!)

Q: How did you come up with such dark, twisted, scary fables? Do you really think like that?

A: Why yes, I can sometimes be morbid and strange. Just kidding. I actually had to work hard at keeping them dark and tragic. My natural inclination is to have happy endings. Old Mother Grim was especially difficult for me. It went against all my maternal instincts.

Q: I was kind of miffed when you didn’t go back inside the Keep at the end of the book. Why didn’t you?

A: My first draft of the book included Fate returning to the bookstore, confronting Brune and going into the Keep before typing “The End”. But it made the book way too long and it felt better to end it after concluding her journey through the fables. Returning to the Keep is truly a whole story in and of itself which deserves its own book.

Q: Will Fate and Finn be together in the next book? Will the next book, Fate’s Keep, be as meaty as Fate’s Fables?

A: Fate will be facing a whole lot of trouble inside the Keep. She’s going to be kept quite busy with all those damaged gateways and the things lurking inside them. And Finn is left back in Oldwilde, where he’ll be dealing with the legacy of their journey through the fables. There’s much that will come back to haunt him. So I leave it to you to conjecture whether they’ll make it back to each other in this book. And yes, the next book will most likely be as thick and meaty as the first.

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