The leaves rustled as a gruesome face emerged, its mouth a gaping grin of curved fangs.

The leaves rustled as a gruesome face emerged, its mouth a gaping grin of curved fangs. There was no nose or eyes to speak of, only a snarl of yellowed flesh wrinkled into an evil scowl. A web of veins throbbed beneath skin stretched thin over a bulbous skull. Four long, sinewy arms pulled it further out onto the limb, revealing an emaciated torso. Its membranous hide clung to a deformed ribcage and spikes protruding along its back. From its waist extended a tangle of long, writhing tentacles, which lashed round the branches, enabling the monster to slowly lower itself down over its victim. ~ Excerpt from Fate’s Fables, ‘A Dark Faery’s Love’


Art by Brent Hollowell. It’s uncanny how closely this disturbing image matches what I imagine the Dark Faery looks like in the second fable of Fate’s Fables ––an abhorrent, otherworldly creature of nature.

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