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JohnnyDeppSleepy-HollowI’ve always been a fan of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, from Irving’s original scary tale to Disney’s humorously tense version, and of course, Tim Burton’s atmospheric rendition with the famed steampunk style, Johnny Depp playing a very nervous, fainting Ichabod Crane. Now we have the Sleepy Hollow TV series, which I’ve held off from writing about until I saw a few episodes.

Well now that I have, I’ve got to say I’m really digging it. There’s witchcraft, time travel, a biblical apocalypse on the way and some super creepy demons that are truly chilling. The demon in the woods bent one of his follower’s head back like a “Pez dispenser” before bringing him back to life with a stretched out neck. And then there’s the Sandman who haunts peoples’ dreams and turns their eyes to sand after he tortures them into killing themselves. But what I’m really liking are the main characters, Abbie and Ichabod. She’s a tough African American cop with a troubled past and he’s one of President Washington’s honourable colonial soldiers who hasn’t seen emancipation of the slaves, or a car for that matter. There’s a lot of great story material here, and so far they’re pulling it off very well.

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