Exclusive Playlist for Underwater

by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a great time making your way through the maze of authors to find those secret numbers. I’m super excited to be participating in YASH for the first time. If you’ve not come across my books before, I write in a few genres, but I particular like writing dark twisty stories, especially suspense – real world and fantasy.

 I love listening to music while I’m writing, and that’s what my bonus content is about. I’ve created a special playlist to go with my book Underwater. It’s what I think the soundtrack would be, if it were a movie. Some of the songs were ones I listened to while writing Underwater, other are tracks I’ve found since and thought really fit the story, and some were songs suggested by readers. Whether you’ve read Underwater or not, there’s some great tunes in there, so have a listen as you carry on with the hunt. Enjoy!


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