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Her Dark Destiny Series


From the moment seventeen-year-old Fate Floyd could hold a pen, writing has brought her dreams to life. Now she must write to stay alive. Mysteriously cast into the ancient Book of Fables, Fate is trapped inside a magical world of darkly spun fairy tales. Unfortunately, there’s no closing the book on this very real cast of frightening sorceresses, cruel faeries and deadly creatures of legend whose stories are each inked in blood.

And then there’s Finn McKeen. The golden-haired Scottish boy who looks like he stepped straight from her journal of secret daydreams. Entranced by this achingly familiar stranger, who’s as inexplicably drawn to Fate as she is to him, they run the gauntlet of this menacing storybook realm…

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FATE’S KEEP – Book 2

She will die trying to return to him. He will sell his soul to be with her.

Fate escaped the deadly fairy tale world of the Book of Fables, but at a terrible cost. Finn, the boy of her dreams, remains a prisoner of the cursed book. Or so she thinks. Unbeknownst to Fate, he was freed and is now searching for her. As far as she knows, her only way back to him is through a gateway within the mysterious Keep–an ancient storehouse of magical objects too powerful for ordinary realms. But when she reaches the Keep she discovers the truth of her heritage and the blood oath she must take as Keep Guardian. Even though her heart is sworn to saving Finn before all else, her oath demands that she battle unimaginable creatures of myth threatening to destroy the Keep…

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FATE’S WAR – Book 3

She must win this war.
Even if it means becoming something far worse than her enemy.

The evil sorceress, Kaliena, is raising legions of undead warriors to claim the immense power stored within the Keep. Barraged by a relentless onslaught of losing battles, Fate’s last line of defense is to take the war to Oldwilde. But that means Finn must leave to forge new alliances between Oldwilde’s age-old enemies, while Fate remains to defend the Keep.

In a desperate move to hold ground, Fate unleashes a demon against Kaliena–a misguided strategy resulting in a loss too unbearable to accept. Lost and alone, with only the memories of the life she lived before she entered the Book of Fables, Fate has forgotten…

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