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An urban fantasy fairy tale retelling from the previously published bestselling anthology, Once Upon A Happy Ending.

Deep within the Scottish highlands, a sinister fae creature lurks within the shadows, a fierce protector of the forest it lives in. Many are the bones of those unfortunate humans who’ve trespassed into the dark faery’s domain. Centuries have passed this way, until the day Tristan rides into the forest and pierces through the faery’s rough gnarled hide, straight to a heart that has never known kindness.

A beauty unlike any other emerges from the husk of the creature’s skin. But she’s new to human emotion and finds herself in a desperate battle to keep the beast from rising and destroying the life of love she hungers for.

Perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses, this gorgeously written novelette weaves together the echo of the classic fairy tale with deadly magic, a dark heroine, and a romance sure to sweep you away.