Fate’s Fury Cover Reveal!

Book Four of Her Dark Destiny is up for preorder!

A lie cannot protect.
It can only destroy.

Fate’s heart is left in ruin when she discovers the truth of a crushing loss shrouded within lies by those closest to her. Desperate to escape her anguish and rage, she vows to raise the dead, by whatever means of forbidden necromancy she can get her hands on.

But magic costs. Her latest acquisition of power gifted her with unimaginable abilities, while cursing her with a dark legacy. Embedded beneath her skin, a primordial goddess is rising, driving Fate toward some unknown end.

As Fate struggles to contain the leviathan within, a reckless quest in pursuit of a fabled black unicorn takes her to Oldwilde’s darkest forest with its fierce elves and deadly dryads. When deceitful secrets steeped in vengeance come to light, Fate is forced to confront the blood-soaked sins of past mistakes and ultimately make the painful choice of who lives or dies. The desert prince she’s still bound to or her soul mate, Finn.

Can Fate resist an ancient deity’s fury hissing through her veins or will she lose the battle and set the earth and skies ablaze?

Prepare to be swept away, dazzled, and enchanted in the richly imagined fourth installment of Her Dark Destiny – the series readers are calling “unputdownable, bewitching, fast-paced and highly addicting.” Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Leigh Bardugo!

Begin the adventure with:
Fate’s Fables
Fate’s Keep
Fate’s War

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