Her Dark Destiny, Special Offer, YA Fantasy

A book swag offer to fall in love with!

Finn Funko Pop Dolls are finally here!

Britnee from @libraryofthenight has done it again! She created this gorgeous Finn Funko, the dreamy golden haired, green eyed Scottish druid and main heartthrob of my Her Dark Destiny Series! Don’t miss your chance to add Finn to your pop doll collection, especially if you were lucky enough to grab the Fate Funko back in April.

PLUS, I’m gifting a Gabriella Budjoso art card, signed by me on the back with every purchase!

CLICK HERE to get your Finn Funko collectible with signed Gabriella Bujdoso art card gift while quantities last.

Remember to use code TRAE10 for a 10% discount at checkout!