Month: September 2013

Fantasy, Just For Fun

Dear JJ Abrahms letter concerning Star Wars

At last someone has finally defined why the new Star Wars movies never quite measured up to the pure awesomeness of the original trilogy. It may have taken 5 months for Prescott Harvey and team to create this open letter to J.J. Abrahms about following these four rules for the future making of Star Wars

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The power of a well-designed book cover

How many times have you been shopping for a particular book and been inadvertently drawn off course by an eye-catching cover? Suddenly you’re mesmerized like someone zapped by a spell. You can’t pry your eyes away. You’re instantly engaged in reading the blurb and sampling pages. Before you know it, the book you intended to

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The mystery surrounding the number seven

With the anticipation and general awesomeness of the recently released trailer for the upcoming movie, The Seventh Son, I got curious about this mysterious number seven and the origins of the folklore surrounding the seventh son of the seventh son. The mystical connections concerning the number seven have been part of history and myth for

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Fantasy, News

J.K. Rowling is taking us back to the Wizarding World

This is exciting news people! Warner Bros. Entertainment announced an “expanded creative partnership” with J.K. Rowling to begin a new film series inspired by the Hogwart’s textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Rowling will be writing the screenplay for the first film about the textbook’s author, Newt Scamander, and his many adventures with the creatures he

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Excerpt, Fantasy

What’s it like to age in 5 minutes?

Aging is one of those things that sneaks up on us, surprising us with a wrinkle that wasn’t there yesterday–a grim reminder that we’re not escaping our mortality. I think this is why artists so often explore this uncomfortable subject, maybe as a way to test their courage for what none of us can avoid.

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