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Dear JJ Abrahms letter concerning Star Wars

At last someone has finally defined why the new Star Wars movies never quite measured up to the pure awesomeness of the original trilogy. It may have taken 5 months for Prescott Harvey and team to create this open letter to J.J. Abrahms about following these four rules for the future making of Star Wars movies. But they really nailed where the prequels went wrong by pointing out it was the threatening environments of the remote frontiers like Hoth, the ice planet, that created those killer adventures. And it’s true, I wasn’t as taken with the action that took place in the pristine cities and pretty much boring galactic senate. Then there’s the rule, “Star Wars isn’t cute!”, the reference being Jar Jar Binks. But you know what? Ewoks weren’t exactly scary. They were cute. So I think Prescott kind of gave those tough teddy bears a pass.

After all this deliberation, I’ll just say after what J.J. Abrahms did with Star Trek, I trust him with our precious Star Wars future.