Month: October 2015

Giveaway Event

Two ways to WIN a signed copy of Magic Brew

Last month I drew names to win a signed copy of Magic Brew. Congratulations to the lucky winner, Bree Anne S. from Colorado Springs! Currently, I’m offering two giveaways to WIN a signed copy of Magic Brew. Giveaway #1: Read & Review Magic Brew. Your name will be entered to WIN an autographed copy of Magic Brew when

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News, Review

YA author, Tiana Warner, gives Magic Brew five stars

One of the best parts of being a fantasy author is meeting other fantasy authors. We share the same love of myth, legends and fairy tales, so it’s not surprising that we often end up reading each other’s books. Which is why I get excited about reviews that come in from my favorite fantasy authors. Here’s

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Author Interview

Wondering what I’ve been up to lately? Head on over to my interview with fellow YA author, Kelly Charron to read about my thoughts on writing, advice to new writers and what I’ve learned about publishing. While you’re there, check out her Books page. Kelly has some exciting projects in the works.

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