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Fate’s Fury Book Art Reveal

I’m incredibly excited to share the full reveal of this latest new artwork by Gabriella Bujdoso for Fate’s Fury, Book 4 of Her Dark Destiny! As a special treat, I’ve included the dream that inspired this scene so you can see for yourself how beautifully Gabi matched her magical piece of art to this excerpt:

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Fate’s War Book Art Reveal

I’m beyond excited to reveal this dazzling new artwork for Fate’s War, Book 3 of Her Dark Destiny by the amazingly talented Gabriella Bujdoso!  Meet Finn, the gorgeous, Scottish golden-haired druid with power over the elements. Fate, the fiery heroine whose dormant, unpredictable powers could bring an end to an epic war, or destroy everything

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Fate’s Keep Book Art Reveal

I received the perfect Christmas present this year from the amazing and talented Gabriella Bujdoso, and I’m so excited to share this gorgeous illustration she did for Fate’s Keep, Book 2 of Her Dark Destiny. Don’t you just love it?!!! 😍 Gabi captured the feel of the second book perfectly. Right down to Fate’s strength

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Fall Scavenger Hunt for Young Adult Readers!

I joined this year’s Fall YA Scavenger Hunt! The hunt runs only twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, so I’m super excited to be taking part in it. Mark your calendar for October 3rd and get ready. This hunt is showcasing 140 authors, split into seven teams of twenty, each offering

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Fate’s Fables is Free on Amazon Prime

FATE’S FABLES IS FREE to Amazon Prime Members   For a limited time, FATE’S FABLES is in Amazon Prime Reading, which means Prime Members can read for FREE! (This is U.S. only, but I encourage everyone to grab the ebook now while it’s currently priced at 99 cents in all Amazon stores!) Don’t have an Amazon Prime membership? CLICK

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