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Fate’s Fury Book Art Reveal

I’m incredibly excited to share the full reveal of this latest new artwork by Gabriella Bujdoso for Fate’s Fury, Book 4 of Her Dark Destiny!

As a special treat, I’ve included the dream that inspired this scene so you can see for yourself how beautifully Gabi matched her magical piece of art to this excerpt:

The comforting cadence of Finn’s voice lulled Fate deeper into sleep, until she was wrapped in a velvet darkness strewn with glittering stars. A fire-tassled comet streaked over a calm sea sparkling with the mirrored light of the sky. On the shore, a dark stallion with a single horn cantered near the water’s edge, kicking a spray of crystal dust and sea foam behind its strangely cloven hooves.

Misty vapors streamed from its flowing mane as the black unicorn slowed and stamped to a stop in front of her. His eyes glistened milky white, a disturbing untamed stare, which moved to meet hers. Stretching his neck with nostrils flared, he sniffed the air between them, tossing his head as he edged nervously toward her.

Equally nervous, Fate held her hand out until the creature allowed her to touch the spiral of his horn. His feral gaze calmed as he lowered himself in a silent invitation to ride. The skin at the back of Fate’s neck prickled and she hesitated. The unicorn was both beautiful and terrifying in its darkness and deformities.

Blackhearted. That’s what he was.

Yet the air around him thrummed with a raw, dangerous magic she couldn’t refuse because of the irresistible promise of freedom and power held within it.

She no sooner mounted his back and wound her fingers in the thick rope of his ebony mane before he lurched into a gallop. They raced along the length of the beach, an endless spur of glinting black sand that curved into the midnight sky, and Fate lifted her face to the stars, breathing in the crisp, cool air as she left all the fear and chaos of her life far behind.

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