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Can dragons be tamed?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got Game of Thrones on the brain now that the new season just started. The part that’s really stuck in my mind is the scene with Khaleesi and her teenaged dragons. Seeing her with this deadly creature resting its head on her lap was amazing. All I could think of was, wow, how cool would it be to have a dragon be so cuddly? But I was wrong. The mood totally shifted when the other two dragons tossed a goat next Khaleesi and her scaly teddy bear. Those three kids started fighting over their meal and when Khaleesi tried to calm her favorite tyke down, he nearly bit her face off!

Whoa! My heart was in my throat when that happened. Goes to show. You can’t tame a dragon. Well, only if your name’s Hiccup. But then again, he did get half his leg bitten off by a dragon.

As for my desire to have a pet dragon, I think I’ll stick to collecting them on my pinterest board. I like all my limbs, thank you very much.  😉