“Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment.” ~ M. Lopez

As some of you know, I have a giveaway going on right now to win four eBooks of Fate’s Fables at Secrets From Books until the end of May, and I’ve had the great pleasure of becoming acquainted with Simona Husaru, the host of the contest. I also discovered she’s very artistic. I especially love her photography and I’ve chosen a few of her photos from her gallery, which instantly evoked some scenes for me from Fate’s Fables. I hope you enjoy the pairing of these excerpts with Simona’s photos.


Leaning against the railing, Fate gazed out at the green garden burgeoning with clouds of pink and white spring blossoms. As she surrendered her troubles to the beautiful scenery, her spirits began to lift little by little. Movement caught her eye. Two men strolled the garden’s winding path––one large and barrel-chested, the other, not quite as tall, but young and lean. Her breath caught in her throat when the sunlight hit his bronzed, golden locks. – Excerpt from Fate’s Fables, Chapter 32.



The lilting notes of a flute floated down from the heart of the woods, tugging at Fate with an invitation to follow. She weaved her way through the trees, knee deep in a lake of ferns and bluebells. The scent of lilacs perfumed the air as she ran her fingers over sun-dappled leaves and climbed the gentle incline to the immense, ancient oak on the hill. As she pushed through the dense foliage into the open, where the massive trunk marked the grove’s center, the notes shivered over her skin, reverberating throughout her entire being. ~ Excerpt from Fate’s Fables, Chapter 36.