Fate Floyd, Before and After

I was doing a little surfing today, looking for some fantasy art to pair with excerpts for one of my fables, The Lightning Sword. This took awhile, since I get super distracted by all the amazing artwork out there, but then I discovered Lightning Farron and her little sister Serah from Final Fantasy. These two characters fit Fate’s before and after transformation perfectly. Lightning Farron personifies not only the tough knight Fate becomes in the Lightning Sword but also the strength and confidence she gains, while Serah Farron’s helpless innocence reflects Fate’s clueless wonder when she’s first tossed into the Book of Fables. Right down to the plaid mini skirt.


Four dark-winged Goth pixies spread out in front of Fate’s table, blocking her view of the crowd behind them. Lately more people had been showing up dressed like her book’s characters. They were the really hardcore fans. And the coolest. It was like her own personal Halloween. A guy dressed as a Punk elf pushed past the pixies. When Fate saw his eyes sweep over her, she blushed, rethinking the wool tartan mini and snug blouse she’d chosen to wear. He seemed emboldened by her discomfort, because he tilted in the other direction––in a not too subtle way––and followed the line of her bare legs from her Doc Martens to the short hem of her skirt.  ~ Excerpt from Fate’s Fables, Chapter 3


Glaring at the mage through the slats of her helmet’s visor, Fate charged at him, sword drawn and shield lifted, its surface vibrating with wind. The power surging through her poured into her sword, igniting the blade with a tangle of lightning bolts. The second she was within striking distance, she targeted his chest and plunged her sword.  ~ Excerpt from Fate’s Fables, Chapter 31