Her Dark Destiny, Special Offer, YA Fantasy

Fate Funko Collectible with Signed Art Print Gift!

Have you ever had a wish you never thought would come true but actually did?

It’s the most wonderful thing when that happens, and I’m thrilled to share my wish come true with you!

The main character of my Her Dark Destiny series was made into the most adorable pop doll–brought into reality by my dear sweet friend Taylor of The Bookish Ballad, who dreamed up a design with the amazingly talented Britnee from Library of Night!

Meet this stunningly adorable, custom designed Fate Funko collectible!


Thanks to Taylor and Britnee, this beautiful Fate Funko is available for preorder in the Pages of Night Shop and shipped to you two weeks after purchase!

PLUS, I’m gifting a Gabriella Bujdoso art card of Fate from Fate’s Keep, (the inspiration behind the doll’s design) signed by me on the back with every purchase!

CLICK HERE to get your Fate Funko collectible with signed Gabriella Bujdoso art card gift. Use code BALLAD10 for a 10% discount at checkout! While supplies last!