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Killer soundtrack from Fate’s Fables Booktrack

Booktrack_Logo_v2Have you heard of Booktrack yet? If not, you’re totally missing out! They have everything from Sci-fi, fantasy and horror to romance, historical fiction, YA and children’s books–all with soundtracks synchronized to each story. And the best part is, you get to read for FREE!

I had so much fun putting music and sound effects to the first chapter of FATE’S FABLES. The soundtrack adds a whole new layer of excitement to the reading. Especially since I’m currently working on FATE’S KEEP. When you read the first chapter of FATE’S FABLES it’s showing you what the Keep is, and also gives you a preview of the kind of trouble Fate is in for in the sequel, FATE’S KEEP.

Hope you enjoy listening to this FATE’S FABLES Booktrack .