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Resurrecting Spike

In case you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fan. It’s been a decade since both series ended, but I revisit the shows every year. Partly because I miss them and mostly because there are few shows that offer the same magical combination of rich story, humor, darkness and lovable characters.

Willow started out as my favorite character, but over time Spike won me over with his unexpected complexity and became my absolute fave. Spike’s character went through the biggest transformation. He started out as a ruthless vampire who went down in Watcher history as a killer of  two slayers and was hellbent on killing his third when he stormed into Sunnydale to take on Buffy. Yet Spike’s a hopeless romantic and totally faithful to his vampire girlfriend Drusilla.

He gets really interesting after Drusilla tramples his heart into the ground and dumps him for a drippy fungus demon. Jilted and hurt, Spike pours all his fury into his mission to kill Buffy. After many battles and failed attempts, he’s horrified to realize he’s fallen in love with the vampire slayer. He fights his feelings but can’t keep himself from becoming her protector and helper.

Buffy on the other hand never allows herself to fully trust Spike no matter how much he tries to prove he’s changed. In her eyes, he’ll never be anything more than a demon. She fell for another vampire, Angel, but that’s because he had a soul, which made him good.

So what does Spike do? He risks his life by going through a series of hellish tests to win back his soul so Buffy will love him. Suffice to say, his challenges don’t end there and Spike goes through a lot of heartbreak, humiliation and sacrifice to win the slayer’s love and respect.

Now I’ve come to learn James Marsters has written a whole new story for Spike! The graphic novel is called, Into The Light and is being published by Dark Horse Comics. I have to say, James Marsters is one super talented guy. In addition to being  an excellent actor, he’s an accomplished singer, songwriter and author. I can’t think of anyone better to write Spike’s story than the man who made this vampire unforgettable. For more details on his graphic novel, check out his interview on

Watch this video for some true-blue Spike and Buffy moments.