Fate's Fables Reviews

Passionate Bookworm give Fate’s Fables two 5 star reviews!

I’m so excited about these two reviews from Brittany and Michelle from The Passionate Bookworm! Brittany’s a humungous Harry Potter fan (as am I) so I feel extremely honored that she wrote, “I have not read anything this imaginative since Lord of the Rings or even Harry Potter.” And I’m elated with Michelle saying, “My Gosh where has this been hiding!? I’ll put it this way. I already plan on purchasing this as a gift for 3 of my friends- one of them being my mom. I loved it so much I refuse to even give them a choice! lol.”

Be sure to hop on over to The Passionate Bookworm and read both reviews in their entirety. They are also hosting an international giveaway right now to WIN FOUR eBOOK COPIES OF FATE’S FABLES so make sure you get your entry in!