Month: August 2013


Fate’s Fables is part of Project Read-A-Lot

When high school teacher, Brittany Elsen, contacted me about her school’s Project Read-A-Lot program, I was thrilled to donate some copies of Fate’s Fables. Finding it difficult to get students reading, New Prague High School came to the conclusion that “the best route to igniting a passion for reading among their students was through their peers.” The

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Want to know how I come up with my ideas?

Check out my guest post on Worlds of the Imagination to see how I generated some of the ideas for Fate’s Fables whenever they ran low. And here’s a little secret I didn’t share in the article. When my tried and true methods for coming up with ideas don’t work, I use this bottled light.

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Just For Fun, News

I met a real life mermaid today!

Steveston is a pretty magical place. The village is not only scenic and full of charm, it’s where my favorite TV show Supernatural is often filmed, as well as the fantasy hit, Once Upon A Time. AND it’s where Fate’s Fables is being sold at Village Books and Coffee House. So it kind of came as no surprise

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The stakes are higher for Thor in Dark World

I enjoyed the first Thor movie, but I wasn’t overly excited about it. However, the newly released movie trailer for the sequel looks over the top! A new villain threatens to plunge the universe back into darkness (bringing much epic destruction), Thor is forced to ally with his crafty brother Loki (an interesting character I’m

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