A tour of Storybrooke from Once Upon A Time


Had a blast today hanging out with Bonnie Cook and Bryce Frost from AbbyShot Clothiers here in Steveston Village, aka Storybrooke. This is a shot of us outside of Mr. Gold’s pawn shop. Being a fan of Once Upon A Time, I would love to see AbbyShot make a line from the TV series. If we get that lucky, I’ll be first in line for Snow White’s hunting outfit.

If you’re a cosplayer and haven’t heard of AbbyShot yet, you’ve got to check them out. They make exact duplicates of some of the most famous, iconic coats out there. I’m talking Malcom Reynolds’ browncoat,  Max’s jacket, the Enigma trenchcoat,  Silent Bob’s coat, Dante’s coat from Devil May Cry and ALL the Doctor Who jackets. I even got to try on the Eleventh Doctor’s purple coat! It was gorgeous–cut for a girl doctor and made of a soft, cashmere wool blend. If it hadn’t been one size too big, I would’ve bought it on the spot!

So head on over to AbbyShot, and while you’re checking out all their cool stuff, be sure to enter their giveaway. I’m crossing my fingers I win, because that $300 is going towards a kickass coat. Hmmm, which one will it be?