Here By Tomorrow is my favorite band!


If you’ve watched my book trailer for Fate’s Fables, then you’ve heard the beautiful background music from a little known East Coast duo called Here By Tomorrow.

I first heard their music about a year ago when we were asking our good friend Dion Tilley, the Founder and Creative Director of the music publishing company Standard Rich & Famous, if he happened to have any music which would fit with my upcoming book trailer.  Fate being what it is, he had just signed Here By Tomorrow that week and suggested that we listen to ‘Ballad Of The Night’ on the artist page on his site.

From the moment I hit play, I was blown away by their talent and I couldn’t believe how perfect a fit it was! And by the time we had finished listening to their other 5 songs on their Skin Is Passing EP, they were my favorite band. I am so honored and thankful to them for allowing me to use their song on my trailer.

Although I haven’t heard anything new from them in quite some time (Sara Dorey and Stephen Brace are also young, multi-talented visual artists attending art colleges in different parts of the country) I’m looking forward to hearing EVERYTHING they do in the future and I’m sure they have a VERY bright future indeed!

Have a listen to their music so you can say you heard them before everyone else did 🙂