Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland is a true wonder

TheGhostSwiftByKirstyMitchellThere’s nothing better than discovering something so beautiful you’re caught in a moment of breathless wonder. I am in awe of Kirsty Mitchell’s sheer imagination and ability to execute her vision with this level of commitment to detail in each and every one of her fairy tale settings. The amount of painstaking work and hours involved with creating all the many costumes and props is overwhelmingly impressive. After taking a whole year to make all the props for my Fate’s Fables book trailer, I understand and appreciate the effort that’s gone into Kirsty’s magical scenes.

Her labor of love began in the summer of 2009 when she was drawn to create a storybook world in the woods as a tribute to her mother who’d passed away the year before. She worked in her spare time with no budget, the help of friends and the donation of unwanted treasures. Now after four years of waiting for the right seasons to arrive so she could illustrate the passage of time within her enchanted forest, her work is “being recognized by Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Vogue, The Daily Mail, the BBC News, MSN, the Huffington Post and countless magazines and blogs around the world.”

Watch this behind-the-scenes video for a glimpse of the work that went into setting up this gorgeous photo called, “The Ghost Swift”.