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Top 10 worst CGI movie effects. Is yours on the list?

Have you ever hunkered down into your seat at the theater with popcorn in hand and your eyes round with excitement as that blockbuster fantasy or sci-fi movie you’ve been dying to see starts up on the big screen? Sure, we’ve all been there. A feeling not unlike a visit to Disneyland when we were kids, because we know we’re in for a two hour thrill ride of awesome visuals, an all-star cast and great story. Then just as the movie’s humming along and it’s becoming one of your absolute favorites, IT happens. A scene that suddenly blemishes this kick-ass film (like a mountainous zit on your face nobody can ignore) with one horribly conspicuous CGI effect that’s as cheesy as the herky-jerky stop-motion effects of Clash of the Titans, circa 1981.

Remember the Scorpion King in The Mummy’s Return? If you do, you know he wasn’t much better than Medusa. Actually, I’ll take Medusa over him. She’s at least creepy with that rattlesnake tail, whereas the Scorpion King just makes me cringe with how computery and fake he looks. So it was no surprise to find out he’s No. 1 in the top 10 worst CGI movie effects of this video.