Fate's Fables Reviews

Look what the Easter bunny brought me!

This is turning out to be such a great Easter! It’s not only sunny and gorgeous here in my little corner of the Pacific Northwest, but I just received a fantastic review for Fate’s Fables, written by Dani from A Walk On Words. Big hugs to you Dani, and I’m so happy you enjoyed Fate and her friends.

Dani’s Review:

Fate’s Fables is unlike any other fantasy novel I have read. Ms. Mitchell has a unique writing style with a quality almost like great fantasy novels of the past such as Lord of the Rings. She uses so much description and imagery, a trait in books that is sometimes dismissed as being “boring” in the 21st century. This is not one of those paranormal fantasies that are solely about the drama of a teenage girl dating a mystical creature. Fate’s Fables is about a girl leaving her sheltered life and embarking on a journey to change the lives of people living in eight different worlds. A girl who must abandon every moral, every idea she thinks is right to come out of these places alive.

The main character is a young woman named Fate. She is the author of a surprisingly successful fantasy novel called Magic Brew. She is a single child raised by her ever loving and devoted father, Eustace, who tried his best to keep her innocent from the dangers of the world. Her life changed for good when she finds a mysterious stranger named Finn at her deceased grandma’s bookstore and a giant book of fables that she never knew existed. Fate and Finn are literally transported by the book to a fable. To get out of the book’s 8 fables, they must change the horrible endings of the stories into happily ever after’s.

There isn’t a single thing about this novel that I disliked. I will admit, if I wasn’t given a copy of this book by Ms. Mitchell, I probably would never have read it. The idea of combining fables with a fantasy plot seemed shaky to me. But I was definitely proven wrong! The idea of changing the endings of these fables to happy ones intrigued me. The beginning of this novel confused me a bit, but I quickly caught on to what was happening. As I kept reading, the story and the writing just got better and better!

I loved the character development in this novel. Fate’s Fables is written in third person, but the point of views somewhat switched between Fate and Finn. Their emotions are described so well, I could really relate to and understand what they were feeling. Their romance caused each other so much pain and suffering, yet they still pulled through and managed to make it work. <3 Fate and Finn. One of my favorite book couples!

The 2 other main characters, Sithias the winged serpent and Gerdie the supposedly “young” and “little” girl found a special place in my heart. I don’t remember the last time I read a book that had such heartwarming and hilarious characters. I attribute this to Ms. Mitchell’s FANTASTIC writing! P.S. This is her DEBUT novel! Even more props to her for writing such a great first novel!

Fate’s Fables ended in a cliffhanger that left me heartbroken. There isn’t an exact release date for the second book, Fate’s Keep, but I hope it will be soon!

All in all, I recommend Fate’s Fables to ANYONE looking for a good read! Even if you don’t like fantasy novels, read this book! It will suck you into its world and you will be cheering on the characters from the sidelines, wishing and hoping that they will escape each fable with their limbs intact.