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Prepare yourself for this swoonworthy couple!

April was an exciting month, because I’ve been working back and forth with amazing artist, Gabriella Bujdoso (hugely popular with Fae Crate fans and YA Bookstagrammers), who recently finished an illustration of my main characters, Fate and Finn, from my YA fantasy novel, Fate’s Fables!

Gabriella’s art has become the hottest of collectibles to thousands of YA book lovers. If you’re subscribed to receive Fae Crate’s monthly book boxes featuring YA Fantasy & Sci Fi themes, then you’re familiar with Gabriella’s work and know exactly what I’m talking about. She’s illustrated everything from Throne of Glass to Caraval!

And now she’s created a gorgeous, swoon-worthy scene from Fate’s Fables. I’m shocked by how emotional this illustration made me when I first saw it! Seeing Fate and Finn brought to life in such an incredibly beautiful way made me cry. It’s like Gabriella reached into my imagination and rendered my characters into absolute perfection! She totally captured the intense bond between these star-crossed lovers.

The best part of this is, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY next month for a poster sized print, and lots of other fun bookish treats featuring this beautiful art! So please follow me on Instagram or sign up for my newsletter to make sure you hear all about the date and giveaway details coming up in May!

Ready for the big reveal?






.FatesFables By GabriellaBujdoso

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