Fantasy, Just For Fun

Start brushing up on your archery

There’s rumors of a Hunger Games theme park in the works!

Have you been fantasizing about being thrown into a brutal dystopian society, where you’re forced to rely on your wits and squirrel hunting skills in an awful Lord of the Flies type scenario? If so, your fantasy may become a reality. Lionsgate is considering creating a Hunger Games theme park.

Which means you need to get going on your squirrel hunting like Katniss. What? You don’t want to hurt Rocky’s cute little relatives? (Me either.) Or maybe you think bagging small rodents isn’t as impressive as hunting for lions, tigers and bears. Actually, hitting small, speedy targets like squirrels takes lightning quick reflexes and keen accuracy. According to wildlife biologist, Mark Hatfield in an article by, “Squirrel hunting is the best way for any hunter to learn woodsmanship.” And we all need to know what’s what in the woods if we’re going to survive The Hunger Games theme park. Right? So here’s to hoping Lionsgate goes ahead with the proposal. In the meantime, I’m going to start practising my archery, if for no other reason than that drawing a bow will make me look totally kick ass!