Just For Fun

What’s the most common nightmare? I’m sharing mine.

According to i09’s article, What is the most common nightmare? there are several types of nightmares we all have. Except they don’t actually nail it down to one top nightmare like the title suggests. This is because the study of nightmares seems to be a nebulous subject and researchers can’t arrive at the same results. I had to read the entire article before they told me what I’m telling you.

Despite this dry bit of information, I find dreams to be fascinating and wanted to see if others have had the same hair-raising nightmares I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing. Being chased ranked at 72%. This is an awful one, especially when the chasers are zombies. That’s right, I’ve been being chased by zombies every few years or so since I was sixteen years old. And get this, I watched Naked Vegas last night and this cute young couple wanted a zombie wedding. EW! I know zombies are the big thing right now, but please. For your wedding? And to make it worse, they were naked zombies! That’s a wedding I’m so glad I wasn’t at.

Okay enough ranting. Back to nightmares. Falling ranked 53%. Now there’s another scary one. Here’s my falling dream. Did you see Transformers 3? Remember when that massive transformer tore through the middle of a skyscraper and the top half teetered over slowly and desks, chairs and coffee mugs slid past Shia, crashed through the windows and fell to the street far below? That’s mine. Oh how I hate that nightmare. There’s no transformer, just the wind tilting the building back and forth. First it’s just a little, until the rocking gets so extreme, the furniture is sliding and slamming into walls. Then it happens, the whole building just goes over. I’m grabbing onto whatever’s nailed down as couches and tables whip past, smash through the glass and fall, fall, fall. Of course that’s when I wake up in a cold sweat.