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Villainous activity invades my happy place

So yesterday, I’m on my way to Steveston Village, aka Storybrooke for all you fans of Once Upon A Time. Steveston is one of my happy places. Stars Hollow and Sunnydale are a few of my others, but I digress. Suffice to say, Steveston’s where I enjoy a beautiful walk along the water and finish with a delicious cup of hot chocolate at my favorite coffee shop.

power-rangers-11Imagine my surprise when I can’t find a parking place because there’s a mob of people in the streets. Since there’s no holiday, I have no clue what’s going on until I start seeing camera crews on my way to the coffee shop from my faraway parking spot.

Here’s where it gets good. My friend’s waiting for me in the coffee shop, and guess what? We have a front row seat to a film shoot! I see this curvy, dark-haired woman in a shiny green super villain suit across the street. She’s wielding this tall, golden staff, and as soon as she starts storming through the street, all those extras (who took every available parking spot) are running in different directions to get away from her invisible powers, which we’ll have to wait for when the movie comes out.

After I find out the green girl is Elizabeth Banks, I get really excited! I loved her in Hunger Games and Walk of Shame. I got less excited when I found out her role was Rita Repulsa for the new Power Rangers movie. But I trust the talented Banks will bring her own magic to the role and make the character funny and interesting.

Sorry to say, I’ve never been a fan of the series. Although, the director wants to give the Power Rangers a “really modern, edgy, badass, aspirational quality.” Also, Weta Workshop is designing and fabricating the ranger suits. There may be hope for the movie, and if nothing else, it should be visually entertaining.

All said and done, it was pretty exciting to tape a live shoot!