Month: November 2013

Just For Fun

What’s the most common nightmare? I’m sharing mine.

According to i09’s article, What is the most common nightmare? there are several types of nightmares we all have. Except they don’t actually nail it down to one top nightmare like the title suggests. This is because the study of nightmares seems to be a nebulous subject and researchers can’t arrive at the same results.

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Fate’s Fables is now available on all eReaders

Whew! I’m finally done with Amazon’s KDP Select exclusive contract, which means Fate’s Fables is once again available on all eReaders. I’m so glad because I had so many people asking me why they couldn’t find the book on their favorite eBook retail sites. So warm up your Kobo, Nook, iPad and Sony readers my

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Proud Mom here.

Check out my son’s new comedy web series, MILKIN’ IT! I’m so excited to announce my son’s new web series, Milkin’ It and the release of his first episode! This comedy web series centers around plaid, pajama wearing actor, Robin Milkin, who’s decided the demanding work of acting gets in the way of sleepy time and

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It’s not Halloween without ghosts

Check out my top 10 favorite ghouls! There’s nothing better than a really good ghost story or movie to give you the willies and have you pulling the covers up over your head. Like that’s going to keep a ghost out. Pfff, they pass through walls. In celebration of Halloween and the spooky spectres that’ve

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