Unveiling my other book project, MAGIC BREW on Fourth of July!

For months now it’s been Fourth of July for me. Why you ask? Because the novel I’ve been working on (alongside FATE’S KEEP) is MAGIC BREW, which takes place on July 4th.

If you’ve read FATE’S FABLES, then you know Fate is a published author who fluked into writing a bestselling book called MAGIC BREW. It started with an English assignment, where Fate was supposed to pick any book about gangs in the 1960’s and put her own spin on a favorite chapter. Being a fantasy geek, she turned hers into a big rumble between a bunch of supernatural gangs. Her teacher liked it so much she talked Fate into entering it in a contest. Then before she knew it, a big publisher was asking her to expand the idea into a book. (If only real life worked that way!).

I didn’t’t reveal this in FATE’S FABLES, but the book Fate chose was Sol Yurick’s, THE WARRIORS, which takes place on Independence Day. I’ve always been a fan of the cult classic movie. Ever since I started thinking of the concept of a lone gang of magical misfits fighting their way back to their home turf while being hunted by the most powerful pureblood supernatural gangs in New York City, I’ve been itching to write the story. But the time has come where the characters I’ve been jotting down over the last few years have started badgering me to get their story written and that’s why I’ve been putting time towards getting it done.

So to celebrate this year’s Independence Day, I’m super excited to share the synopsis for MAGIC BREW:

Brewing deep beneath the patriotic fireworks exploding over New York City is a dystopian underworld controlled by supernatural gangs.

Edge can’t remember a time when he wasn’t being chased by every street gang in the city for his rare Djinn powers before he joined the Forsaken–a gang of magical, halfbreed misfits. The pain of banishment, rejection and abandonment brought them together and it’s what drives them to be unbeatable. But when the gang’s leader decides the Forsaken will attend a gangland peace summit called by the warlock leader of the Bad Hats on Independence Day, all of Edge’s old fears return with a vengeance.

For good reason.

Edge becomes the victim of ultimate betrayal and finds himself at the center of a century’s old power struggle between the warlock Bad Hats and the seelie Highborns. Now every supernatural gang is out for the magick flowing in his blood. Forced to flee through the city’s twisting maze of subway tunnels, parks, sewers and deserted buildings, Edge and what’s left of the Forsaken must fight their way through gangs of shifters, witches, demon goblins, and deadly fae blocking their way back to home turf.